30 Inspiring Quotes for Startups to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Journey

inspiring quotes for startups and entrepreneurs

Businesses or Start-ups can’t have an overnight success, it needs to be nurtured daily to make it successful. Some people quit their jobs to start their own business & taste the success of their entrepreneurial journey. In this process, some of them get success, some don’t have an actual plan and some feel lost because they are too early for this! To make it get going and achieve success, you need to forget what happened in the past and stop worrying unnecessarily about your future. You should focus on your today to start fresh with killer strategies and keep going.

So this morning – Get up, dress up, have an energetic breakfast and read these 30 inspiring quotes for start-ups to boost your entrepreneurial journey -

1. “Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G means we are not alive” – Ratan Tata (Indian Industrialist & former chairman of Tata Sons)

2. “We were not thinking about numbers then, but we knew something big can be built out of ecommerce” – Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal (Former CEO & Executive Chairman of Flipkart)


3. “Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them, you just have to get started” – Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)

4. “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” ― Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)

5. “Always deliver more than expected” – Larry Page (Co-Founder of Google)


6. “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it.” – Mark Cuban (American Businessman)

7. “Growth is about learning and evolving with the different variables and moving parts”. - Sriharsha Majety (Founder, Swiggy)

8. “If you are not the customer, don’t build it” - Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder of Paytm)

9. "Be passionate and bold. Always keep learning. You stop doing useful things if you don't learn." - Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft)


10. “Focus on solving real problems and not on making money. There will be enough takers for your solutions. You will help make lives of some people better and money will follow” – Bhavish Aggarwal (CEO, Olacabs)

11. "Performance leads to recognition. Recognition brings respect. Respect enhances power. Humility and grace in one’s moments of power enhances dignity of an organisation" – Narayan Murthy (Co-founder, Infosys)

12. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney (Co-Founder, Disney)

13. “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. If you're trying to create a company, it's like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.” – Elon Musk (Founder of PayPal)

14. “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates (Founder & Former CEO, Microsoft)

15. “Usage is like oxygen for ideas. You can never fully anticipate how an audience is going to react to something you’ve created until it’s out there.” – Matt Mullenweg (Founder, Wordpress)


16. “Most entrepreneurial ideas will sound crazy, stupid and uneconomic and then they’ll turn out to be right” – Reed Hastings (Founder, Netflix)

17. “If you are not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.” – Ray Kroc (Founder, McDonald’s)

18. “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman (Founder, Linkedin)

19. “Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (Founder, Twitter)


20. “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance to win. Giving up is a great failure.” – Jack Ma (Co-Founder & Executive chair of Alibaba Group)

21. “Start small, nail it and then make it BIG” – Ritesh Agarwal (Founder, Oyo Rooms)

22. “Never hire someone to do initial sales. In fact you must acquire your first 100 customers yourself” – Shashank (Founder, Practo)

23. “Do not think about money and raising funds upfront but create a valuable product.” – Deepinder Goyal (Founder, Zomato)

24. “Micromanage the process, not the people.” – Joe Apfelbaum (Co-founder of Ajax Union)


25. “I was fearless, I knew I would make it work, and that’s the difference between successful entrepreneurs and people that don’t get somewhere – it’s that tenacity and drive.” - Lori Greiner (American TV personality, Investor, Entrepreneur)

26. “Stop putting it off! Procrastination breeds guilt, guilt breeds depression and depression breeds failure. – Barbara Corcoran (Founder, Corcoran Group)

27. “Of all the people I have met who have achieved a level of economic success similar to my own were driven to realize a dream, but not necessarily to become wealthy. Remember, success is doing what you want to do.” - Robert Herjavec (CEO of Herjavec Group)

28. “The easiest thing to sell is the truth.” – Daymond John (CEO of FUBU)

29. "You're alone in your ideas, because you're the only one who knows what's possible." - Bethenny Frankel (American Television Personality, Entrepreneur & Author)

30. "Hustle is simple - it's doing the work. A lot of people like to talk about it, a lot of people have ideas, but it's difficult to actually do the work. The most successful people in the world are the ones who thought of that idea that was 'too crazy to work'." - Troy Carter (Founder, Atom Factory)

We hope these inspiring quotes have motivated you enough to pump up your business growth. So without much ado, gear up to achieve your dream and make your business a successful one.


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