5 Challenges Every Top SEO Agency in Mumbai Will Face

SEO Agency in Mumbai

Every year Google challenges with its algorithm update that Every Top SEO Agency in Mumbai & India will have to face and overcome! After Google’s March 2019 update - every best SEO company in Mumbai or around the world will have to change their SEO strategy to get maximum traction to the website & visibility on Google.     

What is Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm is nothing but a formula Google uses to rank or increase the visibility of web pages from a user’s query / keyword. These updates are essentials to furnish users with better search experience as it ranks website or keywords relevantly.

The latest Google’s March 2019 Update had a major impact on some of the websites across the world.  This time it has affected medical sites, nutrition sites, small e-commerce sites and huge informational sites. There are other factors all SEO agencies will have to keep on check which we will see in this article. All these clues were found in Google’s QRG!

What is QRG (‘Quality Raters’ Guidelines) and its scope?

Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines is an extensive report or a guide that is given to a huge number of contractors hired by Google. The objective of these rules is to instruct these “Quality Raters” how to evaluate overall quality of a website.

Let’s see #5 challenges all top SEO agency in Mumbai/India will face –

Improve Content for Web Pages

SEO team will have to evaluate each web pages of a website and check for its relevant and informative content. Based on QRG document, the objective of PQ Rating is to understand the purpose of the page. Be it any website or web pages, if it does not have any beneficial purpose or not that informative to help users will receive the lowest rating!

Check Mobile Page Speed

As per Google, generally mobile web pages takes 15 seconds to load. Having said that majority of website visitors will exit a website which takes more than 3 sec to load. So SEO analyst must check for mobile page speed and ensure it loads quickly.

Avoid Distracting Pop-up Ads or full page ads

Also any SEO expert need to check whether pop-up ads or full page interstitial (small web pages) or any features that are distracting or interrupting from using the main content or the web page, if yes then it will be given the lowest rating or will be penalized.

Unexpected Drop of Rankings of YMYL site

YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life, these are any pages that are important enough. Online transaction, transfer money, pay bills, shopping or financial transactional pages. Google will operate with the strictest standards of trustworthiness and safety for all queries related to YMYL sites to evaluate its authenticity and relevancy. Hence, users will have a better search and user experience. But sites which fail Google’s standard rules will see a huge drop in rankings.

Quality and Quantity

SEO analyst must go for quality backlinks rather than quantity. Poor quality backlinks will bring the site’s ranking down. High quality link will not only get traffic to your site but also increases the sites credibility.

There will be changes to Google updates every year but SEO team must continue doing all that they can to become the most trustworthy and valuable site.


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