5 Hacks to Recover Your Dying Organic Reach on Social Media

Every one of us has noticed that organic reach is dying on social media and been worried about organic traffic to the website and getting brand awareness.

Traffic is the core objective of any business online and it had been taken care of by SEO and Social Media. And for businesses who have money were spending hugely on PPC and they still do! But small businesses were only relying on SEO and social media.

Many news has been released of Google Algorithm’s update and many of us have seen the decline of SEO organic traffic. Of course, there is a solution and we also know that SEO is a process that can get you organic traffic but it takes time.

Then we started counting on social media, as it was not only helping on brand awareness but also helping to get maximum traction on the website.

But after the decline of Organic Reach on Social Media especially on Facebook, things have taken the U-turn for all small businesses.


Now the question arises, can we recover our dying organic reach on social media? The answer is yes, we can!

Let us see those top 5 hacks to recover the dying organic reach on social media –


1. Add Personal Touch To The Brand:

We have been trying to create unique content for products/sales post, memes, informational content etc and tried to promote it for free to get organic reach. These kind of posts are important but sometimes, giving a little personal touch to the brand can do wonders! You can start posting behind the scenes post, team photos or any activities which are done by you and your team. These kinds of a post can involve readers to engage with the content and also persuade them to find out more about your brand.


2. Don’t be too ‘Salesy’:

Be it offline or online – if you are trying to sell your products and being too ‘Salesy’, people will get annoyed! Updating too many sales post on social media back to back is not a wise decision. Rather you should follow 80:20 rule i.e 80% of the post you publish on social media should be a post which provides valuable information, memes, inspiring story/videos etc. And only 20% of the post should be of products/sales post. Following this rule can sure shot bring some potential organic reach on your social media.


3. Stay Away From Bot Likes:

Automated likes or Bot likes are always tempting as it is easy to purchase and apply it on your social media page to show some social proof to the visitors. Some businesses feel that if they have maximum likes on their Facebook or Instagram page, then it is easy for them to convince clients and convert them into business! What they don’t know is that Facebook / Instagram can detect these bots and all the likes which they have purchased will be deleted & hence there will no engagement or organic reach. So buying bot likes will be a waste of time and money.


4. Drive Quality Content:

You must have heard or read about this a lot of time but this is the truth. Updating quality content on your social media or blog can get you maximum organic reach and traffic to the website. Some of you must have already seen that the response to your social media post is zero. It is mainly because you are not providing what your target users want to see or read! Most of you are focussing on several blogs to be uploaded on website and then share it on social media but in the process, you tend to forget it is not quantity but the quality of content that matters to the reader or visitor. So it is completely okay if you publish two-post or blog content in a week but see to it that your content is unique which is worth a user’s time!


5. A/B Testing of Posts:

A/B testing is also known as split testing, earlier used for comparing two or more versions of the landing pages, Facebook page posts / Facebook ads or blog preview image. Once each version of the post is published and then you can track the results which version is performing better organically or via paid ads and finalise the one.

So we have seen the major hacks to recover dying organic reach on social media. I hope you find this article valuable. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can simply inbox us or mail us at info@markitechindia.com


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