How To Build a Career in Digital Marketing

How To Build a Career in Digital Marketing

Where everything is getting digitized, the new generations of millennial are keen to build a career in Digital Marketing. Almost all businesses require Digital Marketing, as it has become a crucial need for all the businesses looking to promote their brands digitally! And this builds a huge demand for digital marketing job opportunities in the market.

It is estimated that half a billion more internet users will add up in the next 5 years which makes it clear that more companies would be looking for Digital Marketing channels for promotions and this makes a lucrative opportunity for all those who are looking to make their career in digital marketing!

Let us see those steps to build a career in Digital Marketing -

Enrol for a Digital Marketing Course –

There are various digital marketing course provider in the market with certifications programme. If you are trying to get a shot in the Digital Marketing Industry then these courses are a great way of learning and getting maximum knowledge of Digital Marketing. You can learn about social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and so on.

Get an internship

Getting an internship in Digital Marketing is essential to understand and explore all the potential opportunities at work.  If you are a fresher or a professional who would like to have a change in profession then taking digital marketing course and getting an internship is a must for you. There are various options in digital marketing like if you are a creative person you could opt to become a social media marketer or if you have a technical and analytical skill you can opt for an SEO analyst. There are other options like PPC, content writer, etc. There are some Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai who provides certification courses along with internship and placement assistance. Getting an internship in Digital Marketing will help you get a full-time job with good pay. A recruiter will get confidence looking at your CV about your internship which would show your work done for clients. Because they always check for candidates knowledge!

Start Blogging

So now you are done with your course in Digital Marketing and got an internship, your next step would be to implement all that you have learned or learning! You could start blogging about your favorite hobbies or create a personal brand. You could write about traveling, food, automobile or anything which is your favorite and excites you. No one is a born content writer or a blogger so starting a blog could be daunting. But remember you have nothing to lose and failure is a part of learning. Buy a domain and web hosting from Godaddy or any other provider. You can install a free Wordpress theme site and start blogging.

Get active on Social Media

Now once you start blogging and enticing stuff to attract visitors to your Blog site. You can also start sharing your blog on your social media handles to gain maximum traction. Not only sharing your blog content but you need to be active on social media to interact with people and know what’s happening in the digital world.

Optimize your Blog

Make sure your website is SEO optimized! After getting maximum knowledge from the Digital Marketing Institute and from your internship – just implement and act on it. Use all these knowledge in optimizing your Blog site to get it rank on Google so that it can get maximum visibility.


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