Top 15 Website Design Trends and Ideas for Business to Watch by 2020

website design trends and ideas for business 2020

Website Design Trends & Ideas for Business: Advanced Guide 

A website is essential for any businesses to make their presence online so that they can get maximum visitors on their website and eventually convert them into business! This is exactly how it works offline. For instance - This is why businesses have their shop or business property in place so that if any customer in that area will come to know about the business, they will have a visit and if they are interested will become a customer.

Now when you are going to have a website for your business, there are few important factors to keep in mind, i.e website design, website layout, content and colour combination as per your Logo or your brand guidelines.

As we can see emerging technologies with new tools and website designs trends day-by-day, it is significant that businesses must follow these trends which relate to their business and brand identity.

A unique and eye-catching website will not only grab attention but also helps in bringing in huge traffic to your website and hence helps in conversions. We have come up with top 15 website design trends and ideas for businesses to watch by 2020. So without much ado, let’s explore these website design trends and ideas –

1. Amazing Responsive Slider Website Design Trends & Ideas For Business

There are various website design trends and ideas for businesses but this one is unique and trending! You can use responsive sliders such as video sliders background with text, animation effects on an image slider background with text, showing various images through sliders etc. to convey your brand message or to convey what the business is all about.


via Drivesally

The above examples of responsive sliders are engaging and catchy which grabs all attention and at the same time creatively conveys the message. If you are looking for a unique website design ideas then this one is worth trying for your brand to stand out from the rest!


2. 2D Illustration Styles Website Design Trends and Ideas for Brand

2D illustration style in website design trends is back in-game! Most of the brands today choose 2D illustration website design idea over any template design. Because this doesn’t take much space and loading time of the website will be less. You can come up with a great creative concept and make beautiful 2D graphics which is colourful, creative and much easier to connect with people to your brand!

via Dominos


3. Eye-catching Website design Ideas with Parallax for Business

It is one of the website design trends which never goes out of style! Parallax scrolling is a unique scrolling technique where we can see the background images move slower than the foreground images the moment you scroll or move your cursor which gives an overall 3D effect! 

via MetTheFly

via The Thalasso

Use this technique on your business website to impress your viewers and make your website look smart and unique!


4. Rich User Experience Video Background Website Design Ideas for Business

Connect with your target audience with a rich user experience video background website. A lot of brands are using this website design idea not only to give their users a nice visual experience but also to get their attention in the video content which describes and conveys the brand message. In the video, you can also show portfolio/work or the process of how your product is made or produced from scratch! So there are a lot of ideas where brands or business can use this video background website idea to entice their target audience.


via Shapes&Forms


5. Inspiring Chatbot Website Design Trends for Business

Gone were the days where businesses use to have chatbot application on their website in the right-hand side corner waiting for someone to have a conversation regarding customer support, queries, feedback etc. Nowadays, a new trend is been following by many brands i.e chatbot website design. Chatbot website design is a great idea for all the business who would like to make customer support or customer query experience much easier. Chatbot application would be designed on the main page of the website so that the moment your target audience visits the website, the first thing they would see is a user experience chatbot!


via CuberbuysPhones

The above chatbot website is an example of how you easily sell old phone or tech in a minute by assessing its selling value with the help of user experience chatbot. So if your business is all about selling old stuff or you are having a travel website or the business of renting homes etc., you can use this creative chatbot website design idea to boost your business in another level and get quick conversions.


6. Asymmetrical Web Design Ideas for Business

The asymmetrical website design idea is really helpful to break all the stereotypes and showcasing a website with full of new colourful ideas, surprise engaging elements and arrangements of images, gifs, videos in an asymmetric way. This one’s a must-try!


7. Simple and Clean Website Design for Business

As the saying goes, “less is more” We must follow this! Who doesn’t like beautiful, simple and clean website design? It’s easy to create, easy to access and easy to get better user engagement in the website. The simple website design idea is better than to have a complicated techy one where user gets overwhelmed and at times feel lost trying to understand where to click or where to go next!


8. Black and White Website Design Ideas 

Black and white website design layout is only recommended to the businesses where it's brand’s identity match the colours with this theme. But overall it looks classic!

via Routalempi


9. Bold Font Website Design Ideas for Business

Never knew that bold font website design idea can be on this list! Why not? This theme grabs attention with its easy font web design layout and better user experience. Use your one-liner, brand message or the content which you wish to display on the front page of the website in ‘bold font’. Check the below example –


via LifeinGreenville


10. Bright Colour Website Design Trends for Business

Choosing bright colours for your website effectively can make your website look fresh and visually appealing which will eventually convey your brand personality and also help your visitors to engage and explore the website more. After all, colours play an important role in the website to entice and attract the user’s attention!


via qaccounting


11. Animated GIFs Website Design Ideas for Business

Creating a web design with a little animated twist can do wonders for your brand and make your website stand out from the rest! Subtle and cute animation designs for the website when used effectively can make the user interface and experience cheerful and engaging!


via Vellyrose

via GommaGomma


12. Split Screen Website Design Trends for Brands

The split-screen website design layout is an extremely great idea for businesses who wish to dictate all their brand’s different messages! You can create horizontal or vertical split screens which could be divided into two or more screens as per your web design strategy and needs. This is new and trendy which works well for the business and the user!


via Deweys Pizza


13. Gradients Web Design Trends for Business

Two or more colour gradients or various hues of the colour of your brand can be used on the front page or throughout the website to pump up the overall website design and make the look and feel of the website a unique one!


14. 3D illustrations Web Design Trends for Business

Make your website graphics look realistic with the help of 3D illustrations/modelling. Automobile, gaming, entertainment, films or any products can utilise the 3D effect illustrations on the website to showcase the products interestingly.

via autoneum


15. Sound – Audio Website Design Ideas for Business

Audio is the next best thing in website design after video background because just like the video, audio also helps the brand to connect with the audience and engage in a better way. So if you are creating an automobile website or any website where you can creatively use this website design idea. For instance, the below example is car site which is beautifully designed in a 3D visual effects and uses audio of a car ‘vroom’ sound, the moment you swipe! This concept is highly creative and thoughtful and you must try something like this on your website.


via Dodge 

So we have seen all the top 15 website design trends and ideas to try and implement on your website. Trends come and go but all these website design ideas would never go out of style! So without much ado, make your business online with a beautiful website where the user gets the best user experience and you get conversions.



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