What is HTTPS and Why Google has made it Mandatory

 What is HTTPS

 Before going into the depth of HTTPS and exploring it, let us first understand what is HTTP!

HTTP is (HyperText Transfer Protocol) nothing but the protocol that is used to communicate by web servers and browsers.

For instance: in a browser, when you type any URL in a search bar and click enter, the web browser makes a request to the webserver and that’s how the web server responds to the web browser.

What is HTTP and How it works

Web server’s response contains the data that the browser had requested which includes HTML, Javascript, CSS, video, image, Pdf and so on.

So, HTTP is a text-based protocol which is based on request and responses.

Now that we have gone through HTTP, let us understand what is HTTPS!

HTTPS is (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) the protocol for securing the communication between the web browser and the web server using a code.

The ‘S’ in the HTTPS known as ‘secure’, which means all the communication happening between the browser and the server is secured or encrypted.

To get HTTPS on your URL, your website needs to be secured by an SSL certificate. Google has made it a mandate to have an SSL certificate for every website on the internet.

So, if your website’s URL doesn’t start with HTTPS, then ‘Not Secure’ will appear in the URL search bar.

Why HTTPS is important?

It Protects Sensitive Data

Let us an example of Online Banking website. The information which we pass on the website online will move from one system to the other until it reaches the destination server.

So, all the data that is passing between you and the server can be seen, hacked or used for illegal purpose if the online banking website is not secured by an SSL certificate.

Build Brands Credibility

When the user sees the padlock icon on the address bar that gives them confidence that this website is secured. This means their data or any kind of sensitive information won’t be hacked. This builds brands credibility.

For Enabling or Using New Web or App Services

New web or app features/services are introduced online, making it easier for the user to use and avail the services.

But enabling these features requires permission which is stated clearly from the user in detail before proceeding further. So HTTPS is an important factor for updating any apps or executing with permissions with new web/app features.

So now you know why HTTPS matters a lot and why Google has made it as a mandate for any website on the internet. Boost your business and enhance your brand's credibility by getting an SSL certificate for your website.

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